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Saving and loading

By default, the task board will be saved automatically when you leave (or reload) the page. This behaviour may be changed in the settings. The board may be saved manually at any time using the .save command, the last saved version may be loaded using the .load command.

Note: The task board is saved in your browser's storage. This means that no data is sent to any server. It also means that you will not be able to acccess the stored task board from another browser. Maybe this will change in the future…

Task Lists

The Task Board may contain multiple task lists. While a task list can be removed using the appropriate button, the only way to create a new list is via the command line using the .list add command (see below for a list of all available commands).


CToggle the control area.
HToggle the help.
OToggle the output area.
SToggle the settings.
TTurn task mode on or off.

Additionally, the following keys will all focus the command line (most of them are either a one letter command or start a long command, see below):

R . # * + ~


Below you will find a list of all available commands. Some commands have a one letter alias (shown as key in the first column), the arguments to the short commands are the same as for their long command alternatives. Note that the leading dot for the long commands is optional, but may be used to conveniently focus the command line.

.load Load the last saved task board.
.save Save the current task board.
.purge Remove all stored data.
* .list add [list name] Add a new list task list to the board.
.list edit [list ID] Edit the name of the list.
.list rm [list ID] Delete the list.
.list toggle [list ID] Collapse or expand the list.
~ .stage add [list ID, stage name] Add a new stage to the task list.
.stage edit [stage ID] Edit the name of the stage.
.stage rm [stage ID] Delete the stage.
.stage ml [stage ID] Move the stage one position to the left.
.stage mr [stage ID] Move the stage one position to the right.
# .task new [list ID, task text] Add a new task to the first stage of the task list.
+ .task add [stage ID, task text] Add a new task to the stage.
.task edit [task ID] Edit the text of the task.
.task rm [task ID] Delete the task.